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“The Corruptionary compiles hundreds of terms that refer to corrupt acts…showing a mixture of humor, disgust and anger toward corrupt persons and their acts. Many…reflect the Pinoy talent for puns and a hilarious dig at the corrupt official/s…The Corruptionary shows that corruption in our society…has become endemic, and is an actual sub-culture.” (Ramil Digal Gulle, “The Corruptionary will make you laugh till it hurts,”

“The people behind ‘Corruptionary’ hope that by exposing the terminologies used by corruptors, it would be easier to expose corruption in the country….Corruption robs not only public money but also whatever hopes Filipinos may have for a better future…More than just a specialized dictionary, ‘Corruptionary’ serves as an academic textbook for young Filipinos.” (Christine Ong,, Singapore)

“The book by itself could be entertaining but has a way of making us see ourselves as victim, observer or even participant in the culture of corruption. What could follow is a kind of epiphany, hopefully leading to anti-corruption advocacy.” (Elmer A. Ordonez, “Two books on corruption,” The Other View, Manila Times)

“Thanks to my chance meeting with the ‘Corruptionary’ team, I'm finally positive I want to learn outside the classroom, not to be merely pro-this, or anti-that, or to march out on the streets, and call for the end of a self-serving regime. I want to know things without being spoon-fed, to go somewhere, according to how I want to get there. It is going to be quite a walk.” (Sara O. Siguion-Reyna, “What I've learned: Getting there my own way,” Philippine Daily Inquirer, April 22, 2008)

“A first of its kind, Corruptionary …is a very rich source of information and analysis that should be useful for anticorruption advocacy in the Philippines…a very important tool in anticorruption discourse, where various references are made…For the un-initiated, Corruptionary helps build awareness that is important in conscientization.” (Dr. Ronnie V. Amorado, “Corruption as hermeneutic and semiotic reality”)

“Many readers would shake their heads in amusement after finishing the book. There is, however, a sense of sadness that comes with the realization that the world of corruption is one that is like to be with us for a long time—unless we find the words that will define what we want ourselves to become.” (Chit Estella, “Corruptionary: The lingo of corruption,”

“Senate whistleblower Rodolfo ‘Jun’ Lozada Jr., who also contributed a few words in the dictionary, can’t help but laugh about the whole thing. ‘Honestly, I found it funny. Imagine, corruption now has a dictionary!’ he said.” (“Dictionary on RP-style corruption hits the shelves,”

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